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Niluh Christin Shanti Dinatali
Haven't updated my tumblr for long enough. The old posts weren't the life I'm living right now, so enjoy the new posts!
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self portrait

I always wanted you to stay, but now I’m wishing you away. If this is what love feels like, I’m done with it.
Chase Coy - I Fell In Love Once

Misua Mirasa

DKV Identitas assignment - redesign packaging

When before (left) meets after (right).

All re-design made by Ni Luh Christin Shanti.

Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

last day in visual literacy :)

typo as image : a Balinese dancer.

- Neighbor from Hell.


Banyak yg bilang cowok mikir lebih pake logika, cewek mikir lebih pake hati. Tapi kalo mikir pake hati mulu, kagak bakal ada ujung-ujungnya. Kenapa kita sebagai cewek gak meniru sedikit dari kebiasaan cowok, berpikir pake logika? Mikir pake logika dijamin bakal jauh dari sakit hati. Kata gue sih ya.